Paradise Avenue

Paradise Avenue.
The angels argue who will fall
first, and they choose you.
You are quick to laugh it off,
“O Angels, must I fall. Can you not arrange a ride? With all the power God holds, can he not find someone, who with me, could die?”

Amongst the extroverted residue
I see translucent trails of you.

I see you cry by the bins of Abraham’s bakery
you are just a sphere of blue
Without blowing my cover from behind the reed flute
I somehow wish to tell you
for years I’ve watched you grow into
a light above the architectural dispute,
and since a child golden cobbles heat up as you walk beside them on your way to Gabriel’s honey pool,
I see you between God and his first Repute
and since a young age you have had your eyes wishing to dilate,
cocking your head between God and Adam
wishing you could have a love as great.

For heavenly years I have tried to build up the verses to tell you that;
I have fallen in love with watching you and
I have come to always
see you behind me, ahead of myself
I see you above me, I lower myself
my only wish is for you to be brave enough to grow form
so I may hold you and you may have, just as you wished, a love to fall for.

Paradise Avenue

Can the effect of drugs be described as a mystical experience?

                        The discussion on drugs and its effects is extensive. However, there is a line within that discussion which focuses on certain drugs and whether they induce spiritual effects. In order to start on such a topic it is of upmost importance to discuss and set the basis of the discussion; that being the methodology and the terms which will be used. The definition for ‘mysticism’ and ‘mystical experience’ is riddled with multiplicities and has been a colourful tug of war between scholars and mystics themselves. Focusing on the question, the definition of a ‘mystical experience’ is somewhat much more difficult to define as it is a personal esoteric experience. If we were to personify a mystical experience it would be an introvert who lives within themselves and stutters when being made to make small talk. A mystical experience is not just silent or vague like an introvert would be accused of. Inside there is substance, a science and a serious thinker.[1] For the sake of this misunderstanding, I aim to clearly lay out what my definitions are and how I intend to use them against the discussion of the effect of drugs.

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Can the effect of drugs be described as a mystical experience?

Discuss the importance and reliability of exegesis and hermeneutics in the studies of mysticism.

The reason why this question is of great importance to the study of mysticism in the great traditions is because of the heavy bass which is carried through the song of mysticism: the experiential approach. The experiential approach is marked by most mystics to be the approach that all, including interpreters of texts, should seek out. Exegesis and hermeneutics[1] can be seen as a barrier to experiencing the ‘Real’, however without it mystics would be without wisdom. In order to discuss this question an epistemological and a less reductionist approach will be brought to light. In regards to exegesis and hermeneutics I will be looking at the importance of interpreting the texts of mystical experiences itself and then mystical texts; namely the Torah. Intellectually, the interpreters of mysticism are usually interpreters of the inclusive mystical experience, and the importance of this, or the exaggeration of the importance, will be discussed. The mystics themselves speak of leaving knowledge behind and giving it up in order to experience what has seeped through the holy texts. However, the reason this question will not be a one sided discussion is that in the Hebrew traditions, the esoteric interpretation of the holy texts embodies  mysticism and without exegesis, hermeneutics and the epistemological view of the texts the knowledge to ascertain the mystical would not be found. It could be argued that without the exegesis of such texts, the mystical experiences would not be interpreted as ‘mystical’.

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Discuss the importance and reliability of exegesis and hermeneutics in the studies of mysticism.


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