J. Adamee

J. Adamee is not my real name. I thought I’d be cool and do what other artists do and choose a stage name. I do see myself as an artist though. I may not sing, I may not paint, I just express myself in a different creative manner.

I had a conversation with a good friend of mine about what our foundations are as a person. What is the very core of us? I couldn’t answer and neither could my friend. So, a journey of many questions began.

We’re all human and we all possess human emotions. Some more than others. And some more complicated. But when filtering it we all have a foundation. Love, hate, pursuit of happiness, faith, fear, hope and many more. We all also possess skills as humans in order to interact with one another. Sympathy, empathy, will power, drive. I realised that after this conversation, this is the reason why I love writing. It reminds me of what it is to be human. It also reminds me that I should work on my innate skills and the one I personally feel is dying out is empathy.

I wrote a few more pieces here and there and rummaged up the courage to show others my work. There’s no point being empathetic if no one can connect with the voice in the poem. After some good feedback and a few nudging elbows from good friends, J. Adamee was born.

Adamee literally means  I am Adam in Arabic. It’s also a synonym for human. What better word to choose, eh?


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