my dear

tired breaths, rasp; you’re tired of the mugs of veins gone cold on your bedside table; rasp. you want a warm bed and bottomless expectations.

just leech onto gravity, my dear,

let it spin you into criminal activities, let it strain your knees, let it hold you by the feet. dear. let your heart meet your intestines. no more sky, wake up with root dents in your cheeks.

be brave, dear. the clouds are the coming together of his&her sweat. do not take interest in others. learn what you touch. dig, dear. soil your knees, lament the good deeds, drink wine from ice trays. do not, at all costs, watch rivers flow. it is pitiful, seeing how many waves are needed to get one across. stand alone. if you must be around rivers, dip nothing but your knuckles. groom the lump in your throat, starve yourself of all anecdotes.

trust gravity. be weak dear, i’m here to help.

my dear

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