I can count the lines of your fingerprint from the first touch.

It tells me your age,
How many hours you have spent in the sun
And how many litres of water you are made up of

You are the earth divided by the sun
You are the child of the night
And you are made up of one barge of River Roding

I count the depth of the ridges from my second touch.

You like the colour grey
You wish to catch an eclipse
And you want me naked

On my third touch I trace my fingerprint on yours
Over and over again.
Until it burns.

With your eyes closed
Focusing on the friction,
Grimacing in pain,
I watch our hands spark

Your fingertips aflame.

Keep your eyes open, I say.
You don’t want to miss this, I say.

Before you know it
The stars above us fall to our feet
The trees crackle as all branches gravitate towards us
And the seas slowly ripple in our direction

After the third touch
We witness ourselves
Becoming the centre
Of the universe.


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