I Bet.


I prayed for forgetfulness and that’s my last memory of you.


I bet you remember

how many traffic lights it took for me to become bashful

how many horse drawn hearses it took to undo the knots in my gut

how many spans of your hand it took to go from

the pit of my neck to the bottom of my spine

the number of ribs you could stick your teeth into


when you made me gasp for air

the first time we got carried away,

which was some day

a few dozen months ago.


and all I remember

is wishing for the sun

to rapidly grow old.


Go on, tell me you love my birth mark

on the right side of my back

just above my blade,

The one that dug deep into your chest

when I wanted to leave

and you wanted nothing

but for me to stay.


I know you remember

the look of panic in my eyes

when you made me run to the door

with my clothes in my hand

and tears ran

on your bathroom lino


I came back from Babel’s recital

gasping for the same air

in the same room

some time later.


and I don’t know why.


Say it all.

I know you

will never forget.

And you know

I believe in prayer.


I don’t remember

what day we met,

what you were wearing,

how it felt to feel you

beneath my chest.


I don’t believe you’re dead.


How easily I forget.


Go on.

Keep saying

I love you.

I dare you.


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