Fifth Night

Few days ago I did my annual character review. This is when I ask the people, who know me well and are not afraid to tell the truth, what they think I should improve when it comes to character/mannerisms. It helps because I can only really see myself from my eyes so the opinion of another, who’s opinion I respect, will do well to opening my eyes on how to better myself.

These are the things that came up:

1. When someone says something to me about myself I take it to heart and their words about me bother me too much. I need to decipher if their opinion is any good before blurting it out to my close friends. I get too caught up in other people’s words. If it is really quite serious and is bugging me for a long time then I should say something.

2. I blame myself too much.

3. Be righteous.

(That last one is pretty vague but is the one that hit home the most.)

Characteristics and to hone them is something that is emphasised in a lot of religions. It is very important to me because I believe I should be the best version I can be of myself all the time whilst keeping in mind that I can always be better. I don’t lose out on anything by trying to emulate the great mannerisms and characteristics of the Prophet; a man who was known for his trustworthy nature even before Islam was revealed to him.

Doing this character review is a great way to keep improving. It has proved effective over the past two years I’ve done it. Whether I follow a religion or not, I would always want to make sure my character is in check and that I treat people the way I would like to be treated.

Fifth Night

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