She’s tired of seeing Time, time and time again.

She fell in love with him but he sold her soul to lingering hands.
She wanted more of him but he stood by and
Watched men wrap themselves around her plans.
She found herself under his wing but
He wouldn’t let her under his sheets.

She drank until the liquor was flowing right through her
And lived each day like it was forever
With pumping presence she beat his chest
He breathed on her neck
And put all his weight on her
And recited it was he who taught her how to be.

With no fear, she looked into his eyes
And recited it was she who taught Time how to bleed.

She now twirls, twirls in her sun dress until she merges with the sun clock
She tips her head back thirty three degrees and snorts back the seconds
She waits for the wind to reveal what’s underneath her dress
To release rapture upon her nipples, her knuckles
An her naked nihilism.


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