Day 18: Book Firm

When having an idea in mind, the process and execution of that idea becomes a lot easier. You have focus and ambition.

Let’s take a business idea as an example. Let’s say I want to create a publishing firm that only publishes the works of change makers or books that will stir up and make people question the norms. The reason I’m creating this business is so that I can have the public read these books and question the society they grow up in and hopefully inspire change. This seems like a in-depth aim behind a normal business venture, but when you have a bigger aim like this it spurs you on. Doesn’t make you feel like you’re wasting your time.

In this sort of business you will come across problems. There will be so many rubbish/mediocre books coming my way. If I was in it to make money, I would have backed out by now. But I’m not doing it for that so I keep on looking. Looking for that one book that will help me achieve my goal.

I’ve found my book but now I have no money to market it. I don’t have the backing from the rest of my company because they don’t think it’ll be a best seller. The author of the book is getting inpatient and is saying he will sell his book to another publisher. Problems upon problems. No worries, I will work through the night for days on end to get this right. Every single thing that happens in my life now is connected to my company. I wake up at six so I can prepare the slideshow to sell this book. I rip out newspaper articles I read on the train so I can keep inspired. I don’t take the trains home at peak time so I pay less, which means I’ll have more money to publicise this book. Everything I do, I do it so I can be one step closer to reaching my goal.

Things start looking up. Even the little things make me happy. My £35 cheque clears and this means I can pay for the internet in the office. I get a call from a friend that studied English with me at university and said he works for a publishing firm now and he’ll see what he can do to help. I get elated really quickly because however little these things are, it’s going to help me in the bigger picture.

I publish the book and wait for that one online review saying how revolutionary this book can be.

Even though this is a story, I wanted to link it to my bigger picture. This is to be one of those people who congregate in Heaven and get to see the face and light of God. That’s MY bigger picture. MY aim. If I want this really bad and remember what I’m doing my actions for, everything becomes easier. The bad times are over quicker. The good times are a lot more appreciated. I’ll go through the trials that will come my way with a roaring spirit. Completing baby steps, like reading 1 page of Quran a day or every other day, becomes to mean a lot because I know I’m one step closer to my aim. Slowly but surely.

With a clear aim, a clear mind on what/who you’re doing your deeds for, you can achieve greatness – the sort of greatness you long for. If your aim is murky, the road to it will also be murky. When I think of it like this, I really need to strengthen and remind myself of my aim more often.

I publish my life’s work to God hoping that He’ll review it and like what He has seen.

Day 18: Book Firm

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