Day 11: I Want To Speak To The Manager.

This is going to be really short and sweet. It’s something I remembered hearing a long time ago.

I went to this course on the background of prayer. I learnt about how Muslims can focus better during prayer. This guy on the stage, goes by the name of Abu Eesa Niamatullah, he was saying how when Muslims lift their hands up right at the beginning to pray God is right there, facing them. God is facing them throughout the whole prayer. That’s how direct that one to one relationship is. To finish their prayer they turn their head to the right to end their prayer. God does not turn away until they turn their face away. It shows how God will never end that one on one interaction, it is they who end it. So when you see those people who pray for hours on end and hear stories about how the prophet woke up before sunrise and pray for hours on end until the soles of his feet cracked, you start to understand how it’s possible.

I applied that knowledge today. My concentration during prayer is generally really bad and it’s something I definitely need to work on. My mind whizzes from the conversations I’ve had today to what I need to do. Then I remember that I’m actually praying. When I realised that I’m actually in direct contact with God my concentration was better than ever. I wasn’t rushing to finish because I was getting tired, I wanted to carry on. I actually felt every word I was saying. Even though I don’t understand half of the arabic words, just knowing that God is facing me and I am facing him just made me zone out from everything around me. By the end, when I’m sitting there with my hands on my knees about to turn my face to the right I really struggled to finish my prayer. Because I didn’t want to be the one who faces away from God. With that mentality, reading teraweeh was a breeze. There’s no intermediary, there’s no haggling to speak to the manager, He’s there. Gave me shivers!

I really hope I can keep it up.

Day 11: I Want To Speak To The Manager.

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