Day 7: Pinky Promise.

“God will not call you to account for your meaningless oaths, but He will call you to account for the oaths, which you swear in earnest.” (5:89)

I had to look into the explanation of this verse to fully understand it. But from first glance it just made me think about all those promises we make to one another but never keep true to them. When looking into the verse, ‘meaningless oath’ is basically those promises we make unintentionally. I’m guessing like.. “I’ll see you soon” or “Yeah, we’ll go one day.” These sorts of things are conversation fillers I guess. But those real promises, the ones that we don’t forget when others have broken them, those are the ones that we’ll be accountable for.

It just made me think about the many promises I must have made to others. I’m pretty sure I didn’t need to say “I promise, I’ll wash the dishes before I go to bed”.. just a simple “I’ll wash them” is enough of a promise/oath. You start letting your promises slip and your words become more and more meaningless. I know, that plenty of times I’ve told my family that I will be home on time and I’ve broken that promise. I really need to fix that up. Only recently did I tell someone that I’ll have their work back to them by a deadline and I haven’t kept to that deal. Now whenever I tell them that their work shall be done in one or two weeks time, even I don’t believe my own words. Which, is quite.. sad to be honest.

I know for a fact that I take people’s promises very seriously. I take their words as they tell it. Only because I want people to take my words as I say. And I have remembered the many times others have said they’ll do me a favour but they never have actually gone round to doing it. It’s true though, whenever I speak to them and they make another promise.. I just don’t take them seriously. Words are one of the main ways that we communicate with one another (the other being actions) and if we don’t take our words seriously, how are we going to progress? I for one know that whenever someone does stick to their word, I remember them for doing that. I want to be remembered as a person who stuck to their word. Not some person who just talks but has nothing to say.

Maybe, this verse is also about the many times I have promised God I’ll do better but I always go forward one step and back another two. I’ll definitely be accounted for that.

I like this verse because it just shows how important we are to one another. We can’t go through this life by ourselves so we help each other out. It would be a big help if we meant what we said.

Day 7: Pinky Promise.

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