Day 6: Haters.

I think we all have been through that moment in our life where you dislike someone so much, or someone has angered you to such a limit, that we forget how to compose ourselves. We just go for it. Actually, sometimes they don’t even have to make your blood boil. They just have to annoy you, so you respond in some childish manner. Maybe get your own revenge. Whatever it is, we just don’t act ourselves.

“Believers, be steadfast in the cause of God and bear witness with justice. Do not let your enmity for others turn you away from justice. Deal justly; that is near to being God-fearing.”

The verse is about the Prophet (peace be upon him and his family) wanting to go do the pilgrimage. However, people were stopping him and his companions from entering into the holy city. So God was telling the people through this verse that they should not treat these people badly and create injustice against them in retaliation. The people who had stopped them from doing their pilgrimage were seen later on going to the holy city to perform their idolatrous pilgrimage. So, those who were in the Prophet’s camp wanted to stop them like they stopped the Prophet. This verse was sent down to tell the people that whatever you do, do not let anger take over you and cause you to act unjustly with people.

Nowadays, it seems like it’s the ‘it’ thing to just be rude. It shows you’re witty, don’t take crap from no one or that you’re real hard. We just like taking the mick out of people. Say one little home truth and you get ripped apart. I see it all the time. On public transport (living in London, I see some rude people on the underground), at home, with friends, on Twitter or Facebook. Of you don’t like someone why on earth would you want to treat them unjustly? Why would you want to treat them in any way at all? If you really don’t like them.. stay away. That’s my opinion for those who care for it. Adding fire to the heat does not help anyone. Most people don’t respond to shouting. Plus, if you think about it, if there is any way to rectify a heated situation, it’s to chill out and sort it out like adults. If you treat the person you don’t like with justice, most of the time, that problem will vanish and you won’t have anything to worry about. Plus, a lot of time is wasted on being mindful of enemies and being annoyed all the time.

Be just to friends or foes. All that needs is a little breather and some logic thought. Count to 10. Or just think about the stress you’ll put on yourself for hating on someone.

The other thing that struck me is the importance the justice has in Islam. Justice is near to God-fearing. It’s nearly on the same level. I spoke about fearing God and how important that is. How necessary that is. It just shows how much we need to practice justice. Whether that’s biting your tongue, being empathetic and figuring out why a person acted in a certain way or making 70 excuses for someone.

Treating someone justly does not mean letting someone get away with murder. Each action has it’s consequences. But these consequences don’t need to be blown out of proportion. It shouldn’t be about pointing the finger and reacting in spite. It should be about letting someone know what they’ve done to annoy you so they can learn from it.

Being just, just might solve this ‘haters’ business this generation keeps talking about. We might actually move forward and not be at a stand still pointing fingers at each other.

Day 6: Haters.

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