Day 4: Fear.

So yesterday, I didn’t do a blog post. The reason being that I was really really dizzy and by the time I got onto the laptop it was really late. SO I’m gonna make up for it with a video. Someone tweeted this link and I was pleasantly surprised. Firstly because it’s a guy talking from a Christian background. Secondly, the guy is shouting and I don’t really respond to shouting. The visuals intrigued me though, soooo.. I muted it and read it. Anyhow, here is the link for those who wanna watch it:

There’s some lines in this that made me think. I’ll write it out for those who can’t be asked to watch the video.

“Fear not the unknown, but fear that you never learn what is beyond the unknown. Fear not trials and tribulations. Fear a life of ease and complacency… Fear not what men say about you. Fear what God would say about you. Fear not those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Fear Him who is able to destroy both… So my prayer for you students is that you would not live a life free from fear but you would live a life fearing the right things.”

I don’t really need to go into depth with that one. I think that pretty much says it all. I liked it because for those who aren’t religious, fear is a weird part of religion. Why should a person fear their creator? Same way we have that fear when it comes to our parents. Those who don’t fear their parents won’t really be a kid who listens to their parents.. if you think about it. It’s like when your mum goes out and before she does she will tell you to clean the kitchen. Hours have gone by and when you realise your mum is gonna come home any time soon, out of fear you will clean up that kitchen good and proper. You use an element of fear to bring kids up. I don’t find that weird at all. It’s not all fear though, it’s love too. It’s a mix between love and fear for the Creator that we keep ourselves intact. Just think about it.. everything that’s on this earth has been created by God. Just think about the immensity of that. That’s scary, amazing and fantastic.

Anyhow, if we do muck about, don’t listen to what God says, or we just practise the religion here or there.. either we don’t love Him, or we do not fear Him.


Day 4: Fear.

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