pH Letters

She slaps

on her warpaint and titivates her hair;

tonight the town turns red, a vanity fair –

glitz and glam, a faint splash –

of lunacy for luck.


Nights like these everyone is game for the hunt:

Untamed, bewildering – promise fills the heavens:

Meddling prospects prowl. Entrees on my menu,

Buckshot desires – it’s about to go down.


She leaves little to wonder,

solicitous to the needs and wants of his sport.

Adventure suffocates caution so

pleasure blooms.

Facebook post:

getting white girl wasted with

my bitches xoxo


Odin made fair of his plans.

Poseidon blessed his nets.

Perhaps the gods regret as he

Regresses freewill into a form of

Entrapment – the

Stage is set

Subdue the jeers.



He unravels the matrix of her biology,

Erodes the fabric of her disposition,

As he abolished protest,

she found her moon.


This is…

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