Tap Dance: Behind The Screen

From the first glance, Tap Dance can seem very lovey dovey. There are two people, one person getting hurt because the other messed them about. Quite the usual romance story. But for me there is more to it than that.

All your life, you’ve lived with no one but yourself. But one person who you may have just met very briefly one time, exchanged smiles, laughed at the same joke within a group of friends, just walks into your life. Whether this be romantic or not – it doesn’t really matter. One person can waltz in very innocently and without you realising they play such a huge part in your present life. They can also effect your future in the decisions you make. And you realise that a couple of months ago you had no idea who they were. You can get so close to someone so easily and most of the times not even realise how much they take up your thoughts. Like, “If I get enough of my work done today, I’d have enough time to meet up with so and so.” Or, “I know she likes cookies, I could buy her one while I’m out on my lunch break.” Simple things. Being close to someone doesn’t means hugs and compliments. And for some close friends, it also doesn’t mean throwing insults at each other because you guys are so comfortable with one another. For me, being close to someone is appreciating who they are. And the fact that they are in your life. It’d be a bit weird saying you appreciate them every day, but you show these things naturally. In the way you place them in your mind. The way you schedule your timetable to fit their’s. The way you check up on them every day.

You sometimes forget that once upon a time you lived your life without them. As quickly as a relationship between two people can start, it can so quickly end too. That’s when I realised that someone coming and going is just a small stage in your life. A tiny little chapter. Full of really great days, mediocre days and those terrible moments you wish never happened. But you clutch onto everything that you can and sometimes it just doesn’t work out.

That person you talk to becomes a habit. And the more you talk to them the more you want. Old habits die hard. So we wait. Wait for the next person to walk their way into our lives to fill the void. Even though your first experience of getting close to someone did not work out the way you wanted and you got hurt, you still want it to happen all over again with someone new. Even those girls who once said they hate all boys, end up getting married. Lessons are learnt and you learn to get wiser with your emotions.

That’s what this poem is about. Once one chapter ends, another will begin. And this time, you just hope that this one doesn’t end.

Tap Dance: Behind The Screen

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