One Look

Waiting for the judging stares
Of those who say they care but
When their lectures reappear
About “who the hell is he
and who the hell are they
and why don’t you do shit all to earn your own way.”

Her head wasn’t there
Her mind zoned out
Hearing murmurs of spoken rhapsody
Her hopes are burnt out.

She cries herself to sleep
Following the crowd, wishing she got out
Of the unwritten rules and the laws
And the self conceived permanent flaws.
She’s stuck to a discourse
of self obsession, constantly impressing,
lives the repercussions of the division
between herself and the future vision.

A vision of beauty,
Beauty found in the soul
Bearing fruits of patience, hard work
Girl is stealing the show.
She’s walking around with a smile
Because she knows who she is
She’s overcome the battle of the whisper
of the devils in her ears.

But that’s just a dream for her
She can’t feel, she’s numb.
She’s yet to overcome
The constant battle of
Being true to herself and The One.

The constant battle between
Reality and what may never come.

She cries herself to sleep.
Closes her eyes.
Never to open them again.

Her wish came true.
She got out.

One Look

6 thoughts on “One Look

  1. That was so beautiful, so sad, so heartbreaking, so relatable, so true, so touching.

    ‘She’s overcome the battle of the whisper
    of the devils in her ears.’

    My favourite line. You’re very talented mashallah.

    This is a poem that I will read, again and again and again. xxx

    1. I’m touched that you could relate to it, that’s the most important thing for me. Thank you so much for taking your time out to read it, I appreciate it so much! Spread the word 🙂 x

  2. Nimoooo says:

    I thought I’d take the time to actually comment this time, instead of silently appreciating in awe. I can’t even say i’m shocked anymore at how much talent & emotion your poems express, because i know you have a true talent Jannth M’A, & i’m so glad you share it with the world now! *runs off to creep over all your other poems*

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