Tap Dance

You walked in and you composed me close,
Dancing all over my heart.
It was your word over most.
Hooked, you were made captain from the start.
To everyone I would boast
That the beat of our tap shoes kept me going
Not worried
About leaving dirt marks.

Just keep it going.

I’d be tapping my pen on paper
Trying to figure out how this song will end.
But you’ve written the lyrics to our beat
16 bars of repeated deceit
Everything else was mediocre, bar you
A beautiful bass gone wrong.
Your tempo resulted in collateral
damage. It was all for you.
Without me knowing,
I admitted defeat
And all that’s left
Is just me and the chords showing.

You’ve tattooed the high notes and left the low notes
Free falling into a Mayer’s classic
Cliché’s, on my mind you’ve left
Repeating endless ballads
Even gospel choirs felt like they weren’t blessed.
A mixtape of pathetic displays
Of tears, sleepless nights, endless days
But, I’ll deal with things my way
Certain you can’t encore you way in
I’ll acapella
This destiny
‘Cause our harmonies are no longer in harmony
With my broken vinyl player.

I’ll do what I always do;
Write a new song
De-cypher, go solo
Remove the blue’s
Bring out the piano
The guitar, the saxophone too
And sing, preparing for the next dance to come soon…

Tap Dance

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